• Friday, December 16, 2011


    Even in dark times, 9 girls find something to smile about.


    Thursday, December 8, 2011

    The Sun

    Here on the Coast it's always warm, even in the winter. We take for granted being able to see the beach and the sunset everyday. Moving to New York will be a huge wake up call for us Cali girls.

    NIN3 NIN3 NIN3 is always on our minds. Sideara and I have been doing alot of brainstorming lately for new loud and crazy ideas. We're fooling around with some new fabrics that we'll share soon.

    Ambitious. Hopeful. Determined.
    Thats how us 9 girls are feeling right now, always pushing to get closer to our dreams.
    Happy Thursday!

    IX XX

    Monday, December 5, 2011


    collection of clothing tidbits 
    presented by NIN3
    photos taken by MARIANA Z

    Mystery must always seek new horizons to avoid predictable repetitions. As the number following infinity, 9 will always be in the realm of mystery. 9 must constantly be inverted, studied, recalculated.

    As we prepare to explore options with manufacturing, we are definitely reassessing and altering our designs, for the better. Much of what you see now will be remixed - softer fabrics, altered logos, its a challenge just to keep up with ourselves. But we're working fast, and 9 girls always deliver.

    Check out our new tumblr! It's got images that did and didn't make it to the blog that we love, unorganized and uncensored NIN3 action. We see, love, and appreciate that you've been posting us on your tumblrs with credit & wanted to make it a bit easier.


    TTYL XX IX // S

    Tuesday, November 29, 2011

    Just a little taste...

    So we had a little shoot... you cant see it all yet, but we thought we'd tease yeah a little.
    NIN3 girls know how to keep a secret...
    It was a lot of fun. Just a few things that are going into production soon, some of the stuff we shot you've probably already seen. And hopefully you cant wait to get your hands on it! Allie helped style and keep us in line, haha, we were having too much fun. Mariana took the photos and both of them were alot of help!
    We cant wait to make a big post and show you the rest!

    On another note, we're so sorry its been so long since our last update! Sideara was in Isreal for a week and half visiting Lee (who we miss so much) and I've been so busy with school and trying to get our portfolios together and such! We cant thank you guys enough for believing in us and being so patient, and we cant wait till the day you can have NIN3 of your own, which hopefully will be so soon!


    Sunday, November 13, 2011

    NIN3 on 11-11-11

    Do you believe in the hype behind certain dates? Are you dreading 2012? Did you wait obsessively by the clock on 11-11-11 for 11:11 to make that perfect wish? We hope you did, and we hope you wished for NIN3! We're certainly gathering our wishes and working hard to find the perfect production, and new, way more comfortable shirts to print on. We want to give you the best of the best, because 9 girls know they deserve the best. Don't shortchange yourself, ever. It's definitely okay to know what you want, and to go for it.

    Keep working it girls and boys, and we will too.


    Friday, November 4, 2011


    On Sideara: Mickey woven back sweater & NIN3 headband
    On Devon: NIN3 fringe top & NIN3 white bellbottoms

    Well, Halloween was great, but it's back to work for NIN3! We want everything to be absolutely perfect before our website opens to the public. Try to keep yourselves contained, we're working as fast and hard as possible. 9 girls keep their eyes on the prize, always. We're considering a pre-opening, before our inventory is completely full. Also, NIN3 is adding guy's designs and hope to have mens sizes of our women's choices in the future! Scouting our male models is something we're looking forward to ;)

    Palladium Boots recently gave NIN3 a shout out for our look with their Pampa Leather Gusset boots! Check out the NIN3 facebook page or Palladium's to see the tag, & dont forget that the shoes are water-proof - a big necessary plus for us adventurous 9 girls. Seriously, click this! http://www.palladiumboots.com/blog/dial-nin3-nin3-nin3

    Have a great weekend, remember to always stay focused on your dreams!


    Monday, October 31, 2011


    Hello NIN3 pals!
     Halloween is on a Monday this year, so due to school and other obligations most of us have decided to celebrate on Saturday. And that we did! Here are all of our costumes, we had a lot of fun with them :)

    Allie was Mr.Fredrickson, the cute old man from up!!
     Devon's a Dia De Los Muertos Girl!

    Aimie pre-doll makeup! She was a dummy :) 

    I was Zenon, complete with the disc earring if you remember what I'm talking about. If you recognize the fabric, its because its a NIN3 skirt! Would you pick this puppy up if we were to put it into production? We primarily use it for our tri-details on our kimonos. Under that I have one of the new NIN3 designs, major yellow neon material 90's tube action. 
     Its all about doing it yourself- Devon cut up a kids costume & paired it with skello tights, and I futurized some go-go boots with $3 silver spray paint!
    Jason was a football player, complete with rolled up t-shirts for shoulder pads and black lipstick face deco!
    As we all know, Halloween is a time for a lot of girls to strip off the clothes and show a lot of skin, but
    NIN3 girls don't give away too much.

    NIN3 boy Cole!! Witchy Kate & skello Devon are off to the right

    Natalie's an astronaut in a Black Milk galaxy dress, a self- cut NASA shirt, and a space helmet! Kate screen-printed her own shirt, and shredded the back (it looked awesome).

    We'd love to see your costumes if you want to send some photos to our email!

    Devon & I will continue to work hard to get the shop together! Right now we're trying to figure out all the production details, and we need to find the perfect fit. Meanwhile, have a great Halloween everyone!!

    S / 9