• Sunday, August 14, 2016

    NIN3 + Sophia T ●•·⚛☼☃ PT.1

    ☼ Ultra babe Sophia is wearing the Babe Star earrings
    Yesss this outfit is so perf for summer!! Jellyies with the socks, you gotta,  the perfect summer colors with some denim shorts, and all tied together with the transparent yellow Babe Star earrings... Lovessss ittttt
    It's good to remind yourself from time to time that everything in life comes in waves. The only constant in life is change.. It's easy to say, you know, "appreciate the good when it's good, and know when it's bad it'll pass", but in the moment it's not always easy or comforting to recognize these things. I think mostly the reminder of life coming in waves is nice when you're anticipating something. If you're hoping for more work, or an exciting opportunity to call, and you've done everything you can to put yourself in position for those things, you just need to wait for the next wave. It's on it's way. Dontcha worry. And in the mean time you can do your best to be creating your own waves.