• Thursday, June 8, 2017

    NIN3 + Tatiana A.M. ★◈◐♡

    ◐ Tatiana is wearing the brand new Praxis earrings

    Tatiana Au Miel is a performance based artist who also creates clothing and sound pieces. I found her on instagram and was like WOWW shes beautiful. I loved her style and was super curious about what she was working on, so I was stoked when she agreed to shoot while she was in town from Montreal, Quebec for a show. She created the full outfit she's wearing in this set, part of a collection that she's been creating on commission for other performers. A common theme is long pants with high slits. Her work, provocative and colorful, is influenced by the energy of the beautiful people that she loves. I asked her what her goals are and she told me, "My only goal is for my art to be a source of strength for all my QTBIPOCS." Check out her ig here
    We walked around my neighborhood and shot this in the pouring rain. I actually had to tie a plastic bag around my camera to protect it, it was raining so hard. Her green eyelashes were getting wet. 
    The Praxis earrings are part of a new collection I'm working on, and I knew I had to shoot them on her. So perf