• Thursday, October 9, 2014

    NIN3 + Victoria C. ☆★☆ ft. Klo! ♡♡

    ☆ Victoria C. is wearing the Divisble By None choker & Hucci Gucci tank ☆
    Victoria babe'd around the neighborhood in NIN3 taking our resident snake Klorox Seven for a stroll!
    Victoria is one of the most creative babes we know, she's an artist all around - her apartment always looks like something out of a home design/craft mag, and she's constantly working on her artwork, while also frequently enriching photo shoots with her styling work. Check out some of her amazing art below!!
    To keep up with 9 girl Victoria & her fun life, check out her insta ♡ here ♡

    Friday, October 3, 2014

    NIN3 + Chloe F. ☞♡♡♡☜ SHOT BY HOBBES GINSBERG ⚄⚃

    A few weeks back we teamed up with the amazing Hobbes Ginsberg and her girlfriend to shoot some extraordinary images of Chloe F. in NIN3 : here's what happened!
    ✴ Chloe is wearing W/E MOM & the CHAIN REACTION choker ✴
    ✷ Donning a NIN3 hand-sewn Eternal Lust Cloak (more colors and styles coming soon to the site!!) ✷
    ✹ Babe-ing hard in $$$ ✹
    ✺ Chloe & DogBabe in matching NIN3 Jewelry - UGH! ✺

    Hobbes is an extremely talented photographer with a sweet face and sick style, you can check out more of her work @ http://hobbesginsberg.com/