• Saturday, July 22, 2017

    NIN3 + Shannan H. ☆●•·◐

    ☆ Shannan is wearing the Praxis earrings in blue and transparent yellow ☆
    Shannan is a poet, writer, and creative with an insane collection of Louboutins from her time writing for them. She also has an impressive amount of vintage T shirts, and when I came to her place to shoot her and was looking through her clothes, she had her record player with some cool crooning babe that I should've asked about on in the background (she just told me it was Boy Harsher). She has PJ Harvey lyrics tattooed on her leg, and after the shoot instead of leaving we both lounged on her bed and talked for an hour or so. Safe to say she's a pretty interesting babe. Like most of my models, I found her by first becoming fascinated with her instagram

    So far I'm in love with New York. Stay tuned- NIN3 will soon be SIDEARA and I'll have a new website, photos, and lots of new products. Trying to pump it out as soon as possible ♡♡♡

    Sideara St. Claire

    Thursday, June 8, 2017

    NIN3 + Tatiana A.M. ★◈◐♡

    ◐ Tatiana is wearing the brand new Praxis earrings

    Tatiana Au Miel is a performance based artist who also creates clothing and sound pieces. I found her on instagram and was like WOWW shes beautiful. I loved her style and was super curious about what she was working on, so I was stoked when she agreed to shoot while she was in town from Montreal, Quebec for a show. She created the full outfit she's wearing in this set, part of a collection that she's been creating on commission for other performers. A common theme is long pants with high slits. Her work, provocative and colorful, is influenced by the energy of the beautiful people that she loves. I asked her what her goals are and she told me, "My only goal is for my art to be a source of strength for all my QTBIPOCS." Check out her ig here
    We walked around my neighborhood and shot this in the pouring rain. I actually had to tie a plastic bag around my camera to protect it, it was raining so hard. Her green eyelashes were getting wet. 
    The Praxis earrings are part of a new collection I'm working on, and I knew I had to shoot them on her. So perf

    Wednesday, May 24, 2017

    NIN3 + Liz N. ☼☼☼♡

    Throwing it back to the dreamiest day ever shooting #1 Powerbabe love angel music baby Liz Nisitico of the band Holychild. She is wearing the red Exploding Rubiks earrings & black Sailor Venus earrings. Um, she made the top she's wearing and I'm still obsessed and still think about it. She's an ultra confident and determined renaissance woman and I'm here for it.

    Tuesday, March 28, 2017

    NIN3 + Nicole Stark ●☼☆◈♀◈☆☼●

    ● Nicole is wearing the Xerox earrings
    Nicole is one of the most lovely, intelligent, and strong women I've been lucky enough to befriend in LA. Just through the captions she shares just on her instagram you can get a feel for the kind of knowledge and movement Nicole likes to surround herself with. She's always striving to improve and to understand more of herself and the world around her, something we should always be doing. You can always evolve, it just takes some gratitude and making the effort ☆
    xo ix

    Sunday, March 19, 2017

    NIN3 + Tariq ☺☺☺☆☺☺☺ pt.1

    My first shoot since moving to NY and my fingers about froze off but it was v fun and worth it. This is Tariq, he's a driven model and musician living in Long Island. Check out his insta here, he's perfect and has amazing style ⚛
    ★ Tariq in the Ling earrings
     xx ix

    Friday, March 17, 2017

    NIN3 + Maria Y. ☼·•♡•·☼ PT.2

     ☆ Maria is wearing the Party & Play earrings + the small black Babe Star earrings
     ☼ Maria is layering the red Goddess Eye earrings and orange Girl Power Plus earrings
    Transitioning from Los Angeles to New York has been a bit of a messy process, but it's brought to light other important transitions that should be prioritized- one being a name change. While NIN3 will always be close to my heart and be a part of this brand, I think changing from "NIN3" to "Sideara" better illustrates our future direction and gives us a bit more freedom to grow. Onward and upward, babes!
    xo ix