• Tuesday, October 4, 2011

    9 little monkeys jumping on the bed

    Sometimes 9 girls have to make their own fun. Just because everyone went home, or there's "nothing going on tonight", doesn't mean the night has to end there. Sometimes you just need to get dressed up and have some fun just dancing and jumping around. It's okay to make your own fun. 
      Go shopping, make your own screwed up scavenger hunts together and then play them, scream your favorite songs, doll up and have a photo shoot, invite all your friends to the ocean (ha),watch a movie,  just do SOMETHING!
    even if it involves running around and jumping on furniture like a bunch of lunatics

    Stila liquid eyeliner from Sephora makes for a great face pen   :)

    Dev & my Thursday is going to be full of pins & needles, we plan on sewing alllll day, fresh designs are on the way! And of course we'll put up the photos from Allie's tea party. And happy birthday to Allie, who turned 19 today :) Till then!

    xoxox, S


    1. cannot wait till i can purchase one of your items!

    2. cool! and the shoes on the second pic, oh gosh<3
      xx anár // kult reality