• Thursday, March 29, 2012

    Coachella excitement

    Sorry for the monstrous delay in posting everyone!! We want the shop to be up so bad and have been so busy. Coachella is coming up and we have decided we're going. Devon got her ticket and I'm still trying to find mine, but if I dont I'll be slipping through some cracks or something because this shit is happening. 

    Of course about 10 weeks in advance Devon already has her outfits planned. I'm feeling a bit stressed knowing my lack of flat shoes might screw me over a bit. Barefoot always works though. If you're going, look around for the girls running around in the only NIN3 merch currently available in the world, and hopefully next year we'll see a few NIN3 items around, on the girls standing in the front of the crowds, the boys who came in RV's and snuck in without a problem, some kick ass band members. We want to see NIN3 on the people who don't hesitate to start dancing the moment they hear a song they like.

    9 girls persist.

    Hope to have our stuff out to you soon! XX IX S.


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