• Monday, January 27, 2014

    NIN3 + Chelsie B. ⋐ ⋐⋐♡⋑⋑ ⋑

    ⌖⏄ Chelsie B. wears the Enneagram T ⏄⌖
    Loving yourself is never selfish, it's essential!
    The enneagram symbol has many meanings, one of them being the representation of what is believed to be the 9 different personality types that exist. My favorite thing about this is that they're encased by a circle - we're all so different, but we're also all in this together. According to Oscar Ichazo's Enneagram of the Holy Ideas, the 9th point (which is the top centered point), represents holy love. As long as we all love ourselves and each other, the enneagram will keep spinning.
    spread love, get love, bitches

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