• Thursday, October 6, 2016

    NIN3 + Maddy Ellwanger // Beverly Is Bitchin' BTS ⟡ ⧉ ⚬ ○ ⚪ ◌ ♡ ⚄⚃ PT.1

    ★ Sideara is wearing the Freak earrings
     ☆ Joey is wearing the SEX earrings
    ❒ Maddie is in the Grid earrings
    Photos by Jacquie Ray of High Creatives
    I was so delighted to be able to be a part of one of Maddy's videos and that everyone was wearing NIN3 earrings and looked bomb af! Maddy is truly one of the most hard working, talented, and creative people I know. The amount of work she puts into each one of her videos and her songs is so impressive, and she really does 99% of it on her own, from producing the music and playing every instrument to editing and creating by hand all of the props and sets for her videos out of dozens of cardboard boxes. Seeing her work is insanely inspiring.
    Scope the video and song below and check back next week for more BTS pics :)

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